Over the last twenty years or so, VK Group has been continuously modernising its facilities. We have been updating the product range, and also the designs of the products. This has created a dynamic culture, always geared towards the future.

Over this period, we have got clientele in new markets, and the confidence of leading brands who source their product portfolio from us because of our consistent record in manufacturing and delivery. We have specialised centres in Maharashtra, Himachal and at Silvassa, and our capacities and capabilities have been steadily growing.

When it comes to appliances, we always evaluate the value of a particular feature for the end-user. So our products remain user-centered and score well on market appeal. That's as far as marketing goes.

We at VK Group have pride in our culture as an organisation. Especially the fact that we have people at all levels who have chosen to remain associated from the beginning, and these long-term associations are the backbone of our VK Group identity and its strength.

This trust finds its way into our longstanding client relationships with leading national and overseas brands. Let me say that we offer you trust; and we deliver a reliable range of appliances to go with it. It'll be our pleasure to have you visit us, and so please consider this invitation to you to drop by to meet us.

For more information about our businesses,kindly visit www.vkgroupindia.com which is aimed at providing a great deal of useful information.For any questions or enquiries, feel free to contact us at - info@vkgroupindia.com

Chairman - Mr.K.M. Shetty